DevOps Gifs and reactions

When i startet to decorate my articles with GIF pictures and stickers i started to search for specific DevOps stickers i could use. Unfortunatly i could not find any that might have been helpful. Finally i decided to create my own, which you can find here.

You are free to use and adopt them, even commercially, but i kindly ask you to give attribution: This work by Ralf Neubauer is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

The gifs are created transparent (stickers). So they can be used e.g. in Powerpoint presentations with custom backgrounds.

Stability over Change
Change over stability
Dev loves ops
DevOps Space Invaders I
DevOps Space Invaders II
DevOps Valuestream, Value delivery

DevOps Sticker V1

DevOps Sticker V2

DevOps Sticker KAIZEN